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Why Car Wiring Harness is Burned?

Jun. 06, 2024

The use of automobiles is very common all over the world, and the quality of the wiring harness is very important because it is the power source of the entire car. However, it often happens that the whole car fails due to the burning of the wiring harness, and if the wiring harness is burned in the car at high speed, then the consequences are unimaginable. So what exactly is the cause of the car wiring harness burned? The following automotive wiring harness manufacturer will explain to you.

 Car Wiring Harness

The six reasons that lead to the car wiring harness easily burned.

1. Because of careless installation of the battery, positive and negative polarity reversal, alternator short circuit, each insulation gasket and insulation sleeve damage, alternator magnetic field line and latching wire reversal will cause the car wiring harness burned.

2. Because the car wiring harness is often fixed with the thin iron card, its edge is as sharp as a knife, and the surface of the iron card and did not add insulation measures, and the vehicle in the long-term driving vibration, bumpy, power harness is inevitably worn out, cut and lap iron, resulting in harness burn.

3. Temporary connection of electrical equipment, not clear fuse current in, export, that is, arbitrarily lead out the power line, or fuse burned, did not change the same specification fuse as required, or use thick copper wire instead of a fuse, lose protection and burn the harness.

4. Because of the poor connection of the post, resulting in a large voltage drop and heat, a long time, the insulation gasket will be damaged and overlap short circuit. Note that the ammeter and other instruments must be connected to the most reliable, in addition to fixing the wire connection screws on the frame terminal block should not be too long, in order to avoid overlap and burn the harness.

5. Because the replacement of the wire is not selected according to the provisions of the wire (wire is too thin), the high current through the larger voltage drop and heat, resulting in the wire skin gradually aging damage.

6. Because the current table of the two posts often uses a plastic insulating sleeve, plastic heat poor, both to withstand strong current, but also to withstand bumps and vibrations, if the current table wiring loose or poor contact, it will produce temperature rise, easy to lead to plastic burn melt and overlap, resulting in power harness burned.

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