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What Is the Production Process of Medical Wiring Harnesses?

Jun. 06, 2024

In the field of wiring harnesses, medical wiring harnesses are arguably the highest quality issue in the industry, as modern medical safety factors are gradually increasing in demand, and every component involved in medical equipment must undergo a rigorous testing process. In order to ensure the reliability of the quality of the medical equipment harness to meet the standards, the production and processing stage of the medical harness should be strictly noted. 

The harness can also be called connection line, is actually used to connect the electrical parts of the connection parts. Wire harnesses are generally composed of wires, terminals, insulated terminals, insulating sheaths and some insulating wrapping materials made. The use of medical equipment is usually different specifications, different colours of the harness in a reasonable design together so that the equipment components with each other to operate. Procurement personnel should have a basic understanding of medical wiring harnesses, so as to facilitate the procurement of wiring harnesses to better select the quality of wiring harness processing products.The following article by the medical wiring harness supplier to introduce the production and processing of medical equipment harnesses and medical harness processing of general knowledge.

Medical Wiring Harnesses

The production and processing process of medical equipment harnesses

1、The medical equipment harness open-wire process

The accuracy of the open wire process is directly related to the entire production schedule, once the error is particularly open-wire size is short, will lead to rework of all stations, time-consuming and labour-intensive impact on production efficiency.

2、Crimping process of medical wire harness

According to the drawing requirements of the terminal type to determine the crimping parameters, the production of crimping operation instructions, for special requirements need to be specified in the process documentation and training operators.

3、Medical equipment harness pre-assembly process

First of all, the preparation of pre-assembly process operating instructions, in order to improve the total assembly efficiency, complex medical equipment harnesses are to set up pre-assembly stations. If the pre-assembly part of the assembly of less or assembly of the wire path is not reasonable will increase the workload of the total assembly personnel.

4、The assembly process of the medical wiring harness

According to the product development department design of the assembly board, the design of equipment, material box specifications and size and all assembly sheath and accessory numbers on the material box to improve assembly efficiency.

General knowledge of medical wire harness processing 

(1) Whether it is medical equipment or industrial equipment, the internal load of different parts of the current size varies, so the cross-sectional specifications of the wire have a different use;.

(2) A large piece of equipment on the use of the harness is relatively large, for the convenience of maintenance of the harness for the distinction is very normal, generally different places using different colours of the harness, and to do a good job of marking (in the equipment on the current diagram);.


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