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What Are the Safety Tests for Automotive Wiring Harness?

Jun. 06, 2024

The verification of the automotive wiring harness design has become more and more precise with the continuous refinement of the design development, from the initial use of the actual vehicle road test to prove the matching situation; to the single-load test and full-load test for each electrical component, which is used to correct and improve the design; and finally to simulate the measurement of electrical parameters under different electrical working conditions for a more complete and detailed design, even under various failure conditions to ensure the wiring harness safety. The aim of this paper is to ensure the safe use of the vehicle under various operating conditions from a design perspective, and also to optimize the design overload and improve the safety factor through the collection of electrical parameters under various operating conditions.

The history of safety testing of automotive wiring harnesses

With the growing popularity of cars and the increasing number of electrical components in them, automotive safety is becoming more and more important. The safety of automotive wiring harnesses has been the first to attract attention.

Automotive Wiring Harness

Introduction to automotive wiring harness safety testing

The electrical performance test of the whole vehicle electrical system mainly includes power system test, grounding system test and wiring harness parts test, and overall all the tests can be divided into system stability test and wiring harness safety test.

The safety test items of the automotive wiring harness are mainly load test, short circuit test and failure test.

The load test is mainly a test of the electrical parameters such as the current and voltage of the electrical components of the vehicle under different working conditions. The purpose is to verify the accuracy of the electrical parameters in the design state and to optimise and correct the design according to the measured electrical parameters. The test is divided into single-load test and full-load test according to the number of loads to be tested: the single-load test is the electrical parameters of a single electrical component; full-load test refers to the electrical parameters of all loads under a certain fuse.

The short circuit test is divided into 3 parts: absolute short circuit and partial short circuit (200% of the load fuse capacity and 135% of the load fuse capacity). The fuse and conductor match (judged by the temperature rise of the conductor and the fuse blowing time).

The failure test examines whether there is a potential loop between the fuse and the grounded module, whether the potential loop is functional and whether the conductor can carry the potential currently.

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