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Wiring Harnesses for Different Industries

Jun. 06, 2024

Wire harnesses keep wires safe and out of the way, and can save a lot of money on energy costs, maintenance and overall efficiency. Many industries have found wiring harnesses to be invaluable, and rightly so, from military to medical and all other areas. They are useful, yes, but they are not easy to create. Some are simple - just two wires and a connector at each end - while others are more complex and require specialist knowledge, expertise and specialised materials to create. new East Asia prides itself on being able to produce wire harnesses for every industry, regardless of the need, expectation or required certification.

Medical Devices Wire Harness

Medical systems are one area that ensures everything goes right. Medical equipment is highly sensitive and people's lives depend on the smooth interaction of all components. Cable assemblies in the medical field are usually made of PTFE and silicone. Such cables require safety jacks, bio-sensitive connectors or cable branches to ensure that everything is in order. The medical devices wire harness must be durable and disposable and must be able to pass conformance tests.

Medical Devices Wire Harness

Automotive wire harnesses

Automotive wire harnesses are the main body of the network of automotive circuits and without them there would be no automotive circuits. A wiring harness is a component that is made of copper and is connected to a wire and cable by a contact terminal (connector) that is pressed together and then moulded and pressed with an insulator or an additional metal casing to form a bundle that connects the circuits. From a functional point of view, automotive wiring harnesses can be divided into two types: power lines, which carry the power of the actuators (actuators), and signal lines, which transmit the input commands of the sensors. As people's requirements for comfort, economy and safety continue to increase, the variety of electronic products in cars is also increasing, and the automotive wiring harness is becoming more and more complex, with a corresponding increase in the failure rate of the harness.

Industrial Wire Harness

When you have to control different systems in the same area, you need industrial wire harness to do more than one thing. The same cable may have to have both power and signal lines, and companies with specialist technology, such as New East Asia Electronic, have the tools to ensure that the cable is properly sealed, strain relief and cable connections are stopped when and where necessary. Industrial control is an interdependent area and cannot be trusted with under-wired areas.

Industrial Wire Harness

Data communications Wiring Harness

This industry basically means that there are wires everywhere. This requires a lot of wiring so the rest of us can work wirelessly. This industry also requires a lot of bundling of different types of cable to meet different needs, so no matter what kind of connectors and components your telecoms needs you are welcome to enquire.

Other industry harnesses

These are the main industries that use wire harnesses, and there are many others, including everyday office environments. But they all have one thing in common - they need equipment to keep working and rely on harnesses and cable assemblies to ensure that everything runs properly. Not every situation requires the same wiring solution. In fact, the wiring you often need will be completely different to others. At New East Asia, we have 20 years' experience in designing cable assemblies for every possible need, and we have the skills to take you from start-up to full operation.Welcome to contact us.

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