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What Are the Precautions for Automobile Wiring Harness Assembly?

Dec. 16, 2020

To put it simply, automobile wiring harness assembly is to wrap various types of wires into bundles, which are called wiring harnesses. The uniform dressing can protect the insulating layer, and at the same time, it can better connect the components and save the occupied space. The materials of automobile electrical wiring harness are mainly wire materials, connectors, and sensors. Now, the New East Asia Electronics will explain the points and importance of automotive wiring harness assembly.

Automotive wiring harness assembly process

Before assembling an automobile wiring harness, you must be familiar with the principle of circuit diagram, wiring, and processing of various parts to facilitate subsequent processing. The production and processing of automobile wiring harnesses can be divided into two parts. The first part is the crimping terminal, including two forms of automatic crimping and semi-automatic crimping. The second part is the assembly process, which can be divided into the pre-assembly process and final assembly process.

Automotive wiring harness assembly characteristics

The automotive wiring harness assembly line has a relatively low degree of automation, and many processes need to be completed manually. Therefore, the automotive wiring harness manufacturer must have sufficient labor during assembly. Inevitably, there will be certain fluctuations in the wiring harness assembly.

This kind of situation is encountered in automobile wiring harness manufacturer. The assembly task is not completed in a certain production environment. When this situation increases, it will not only affect assembly efficiency but also time and labor, causing economic losses. Therefore, the reasonable allocation of each process is necessary.

Automotive Wiring Harness

Precautions for automotive wiring harness assembly

1. Segment production

In order to facilitate subsequent assembly and maintenance, automotive wiring harness manufacturers generally conduct segmented manufacturing, connecting multiple wiring harnesses together through connectors. In automotive applications, the fewer segments of the wiring harness, the better, which can avoid too many connectors and cause stress. Drop, resulting in poor contact. At the same time, segmented production can promptly find defective products such as poor contact, poor insulation, and assembly errors.

2. Choice of connector and sheath

Generally, the chassis wiring harness uses a corrugated sheath with good flame-retardant and mechanical properties, while the cab wiring harness is wrapped with cold-resistant and heat-resistant insulating plastic tape. Assemble and produce according to the working environment of the automobile wiring harness.

3. Judgment of poor wiring harness contact

Most of the reason is in the connector. When a fault occurs, the electrical equipment cannot work normally. The electrical equipment can be connected to the power supply, and the connector fault can be ruled out by testing and testing tools. 

4. Don't pull the wiring harness too tight

When assembling an automobile wiring harness, do not pull the wiring harness too tightly (especially when the wiring harness is arranged horizontally) to avoid the loosening of the fixed point of the wiring harness when the vehicle bumps, which will cause a sudden increase in the distance between the two fixed points, resulting in poor internal contact of the wiring harness and wire parameters Change or even break the wire.

5. Avoid incorrect insertion resulting in defective products

Do not arrange connectors with the same model and color to avoid defective products caused by incorrect insertion during assembly. After the wiring harness is assembled, leave enough clearance to ensure that it is not overwhelmed or tripped by other parts. Avoid ground faults caused by pinching, abrasion, or cracking of the wire harness insulation.

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