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New Energy Vehicles Drive the Development of Automotive Wiring Harness

Jun. 06, 2024

Under the background of the global advocacy of environmental conservation, new energy vehicles have become the inevitable trend of automobile development in the world. At the same time, the development of more disruptive smart connected cars is accelerating, with Internet giants and other emerging players pouring into the market, putting pressure on traditional automakers and dealers. There is no doubt that the new energy and intelligent network car has become the mainstream of the automobile industry renewal, its applicable automotive wiring harness demand will also increase.

Automotive wiring harness - the nervous system of a car

The automotive wiring harness is the network's main body of the automobile circuit and the connection component of the automobile electrical system. The operating conditions and parameters of the car are directly reflected in the onboard computer through the wiring harness, so it has always been called the "blood vessel" of the car. The electronic technology content of automobile wiring harness has gradually become an important index to evaluate the performance of automobiles. Automotive wiring harnesses are usually the final components completed on a model vehicle and are assemblies of cables or wires used to transmit signals or electricity on the vehicle. The wires are assembled with the help of different components, such as tie bands, electrical tape, conduits, or a combination of these, to form a complete circuit assembly. Automotive wiring harnesses can better protect wires from vibration than individual wires.

Hot new energy vehicle market, for the wire harness industry to bring new opportunities for development


Compared with traditional cars, the electronic system of new energy vehicles has more stringent requirements in terms of physical and operational performance. Taking the automotive electronics industry as an example, the automotive connectors and wiring harnesses are the key components for signal transmission in the automotive electronics system. They organically connect the vehicle central control unit, the automotive control unit, the electrical and electronic execution unit, and the electrical components. Generally speaking, the quantity of traditional automobile wire harness and connector is about 200 and 350 respectively.

In addition, the electronic equipment of new energy vehicles is more complex, which needs a more comprehensive and powerful wiring harness function to meet. New energy vehicle wiring harness and traditional car wiring harness requirements can be described as "very different". First, the new energy vehicle wire harness works in the environment of large current and high voltage, which is easy to lead to wire harness heating, so the wire harness needs to be designed thicker to facilitate heat dissipation. Second, the motor of a new energy vehicle is generally installed in the front of the car, while the battery is generally installed in the back of the car. For the safety of the car, a wiring harness cannot be placed in the car like a traditional car but is required to be wired outside the car, so its mechanical protection is very important, such as against dampness, moisture, and so on. Three is because the motor of new energy vehicles is using alternating current, its interference is very serious, so the requirement of wire harness interference shielding, sealing is good.

The new requirement of wire harness for new energy vehicles is bound to cause a technological revolution in the wire harness processing industry. The production of the wiring harness itself is a labor-intensive industry. With the changes in the labor market, the labor cost starts to become higher and higher, which makes the production enterprises feel more pressure. But this problem has been alleviated with the introduction of automation equipment.

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