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Wiring Harness Layout Considerations for Vehicle

Jun. 06, 2024

With the increasing safety, comfort, and environmental requirements of modern automobiles, the number of circuits in the car and the significant increase in electricity consumption, so that a large number of wiring harnesses in a limited space in the car how to more effective and reasonable arrangement has become a problem facing the automotive industry. In this paper, The automotive wiring harness supplier will give an overview of the wiring harness layout.

1. Neat appearance, bundle configuration 

(1) The automotive wiring harness should be arranged along the sides and along the slots (alignment slots designed on the body of the vehicle) to avoid direct pressure on the harness. No wiring harnesses should be exposed in the cab; in locations where the harnesses can be observed, such as the cabin area, set up eye-catching attraction points or eye-catching colors, where the harnesses installed are not prominent or conspicuous.

(2) Arrangement in the direction of the projection, according to the horizontal and vertical checkerboard arrangement, to avoid diagonal layout.

(3) The clearance with the pipeline is even, and the clearance with the surrounding parts is reasonable. 

2. Consider assembly and maintenance techniques.

(1) assembly does not pull the harness too tight (especially in the lateral layout of the harness), to avoid driving the vehicle in a bumpy state, causing the location of the harness fixed point misalignment, resulting in an instant increase in the distance between the two fixed points, which stretches the harness resulting in the harness inside the contact point pull off / virtual connection, wire parameter changes, or even pull off the wire.

(2) harness assembly, there should be enough clearance around the passage, to ensure that other components are not pressed, not by other components and their fasteners squeeze. Avoid the harness insulation is pinched, wear or rupture caused by grounding and other faults.

Automotive Wiring Harness

3. Battery positive pole, negative pole protection

(1) There must be a gap of not less than 20mm between the positive terminal of the battery and the battery cover or engine cover to avoid short-circuiting, causing the battery to explode due to instantaneous high current discharge.

(2) The positive terminal of the battery must be set up with an insulated plastic protective cover or other protective measures that are not easy to deform, and at the same time ensure that the protective measures are not easy to separate.

(3) The gap between the positive cable of the battery and the moving parts must be above 25mm.

(4) The battery positive cable should be designed shorter if possible.

(5) The starter positive terminal must have a plastic protective cover.

(6) The negative battery terminal must be fixed to the body, the negative terminal must be fixed with a bolt or nut, and then the engine and gearbox bodies must be separately steeled.

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