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How to Install the Wiring Harness?

Feb. 20, 2021

With the rapid development of 5G, new energy vehicles, intelligent terminals, such as interconnection, wire harnesses and connectors industry is facing new challenges whether traditional consumer electronics, household appliances, or emerging new energy vehicles, folding screen phones, 5G or the Internet of Things, etc., the hope is to achieve the connection of equipment and devices, equipment and human connectivity, and human and data connectivity, all of which are inseparable from the wiring harness, wiring harness processing is extremely mature industry; but still constrained by labor and skilled workers.


Especially in the automotive manufacturing industry, which requires high consistency, more and more machinery is involved, and less and less manual links, so that efficiency, yield, consistency and comprehensive costs reach new heights; how to improve the proportion of automated production and machinery manufacturing is already a new topic in the wire harness processing industry.

With the rapid development of 5G, new energy vehicles, intelligent terminal interconnection, etc., the wiring harness and connector industry is facing new challenges, while the wiring harness protection fixed and installation.The next wiring harness supplier will explain the wire harness protection fixed and installation and arrangement of considerations.

Wiring Harness

The wiring harness protection fixed and installation

1. Harness protection (the role is mainly wear-resistant, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, to prevent interference, reduce noise, aesthetics, etc.)

a. Engine harness working environment is harsh, need to use high flame retardant, waterproof, high mechanical strength of the bellows wrapping.

b. The engine compartment harness is also relatively poor working environment, most of the branches are also wrapped with bellows with good flame retardancy, and some branches are wrapped with PVC pipes.

c. instrumentation line work space is small, the environment is relatively good, available tape wrapped or flower wrapped.

d. Door line and roof line work space is small, available tape full wrap, part of the branch can be wrapped with industrial plastic cloth; finer roof line can be directly glued to the body with sponge tape.   

e. Chassis harness because of more contact parts with the car body, frame, so use bellows wrap to prevent harness wear.

2. Wire harness fixing and installation (mostly using the wire harness comes with a wire card to complete the fixing

a. Tie snap - with a long round hole, a wide range of applications, to prevent the harness rotation.

b. Tie clips with line clip - used with long round holes, adding line clips on the basis of ordinary tie clips, which is conducive to the direction and fixing of the washing water pipe, handbrake cable, hatch cover cable.

c. Tie buckle with teeth - with the use of studs, flexible installation and removal, can be fixed thicker wire harness.

d. Right angle snap - with long round hole, flexible installation and removal, prevent the harness from turning, suitable for the harness installation surface and the fixed point is not in the same plane state.

3. Wire harness layout considerations

a. As far as possible to increase the bending radius, avoid sharp corners, avoid friction and high temperature wire harness.

b. Do not turn too sharply at the joints.

c. As far as possible, the horizontal arrangement of the plug can make the water drain smoothly.

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