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How to Choose the Right Wire for Automobiles?

Jun. 06, 2024

Automobile manufacturing technology is becoming more and more mature in China. The manufacturing process of automobile electronic wiring harness is a self-contained system. Automobile wiring harness is the main body of the automobile circuit network, and there is no automobile circuit without wiring harness. When designing automotive electronic wiring harnesses, it is particularly important to choose suitable automotive wires, which can be considered from the aspects of automotive wire types, wire cross-sectional area, and wire temperature resistance.

Selection of wire types for automobiles

To determine the wiring harness selection of automotive electronic wiring harnesses, different standards correspond to different wire structures, insulation materials and other properties. According to the automotive products should meet the standard requirements of the target market, select the appropriate wire type. At present, the main wire types are German standard (FLRY), (AVSS) Japanese standard, American standard and (QVR) national standard. The German standard wire insulation is thinner and has good flexibility; the national standard wire is characterized by thick insulation, relatively soft and good ductility; the American standard wire insulation is generally thermoplastic or thermoset elastomer, and it is processed by irradiation. AVSS (AVS) wire is characterized by thin-skin insulation and good flexibility; appropriate types of wires can be selected according to user needs and different working environments.


Determination of conductor cross-sectional area

When determining the cross-sectional area of the wire, voltage and wire heating should be considered. Of course, the cross-sectional area of the wire can also be directly selected by the wire rated current. The cross-sectional area of the connecting wires used for various electrical equipment in automobiles can be appropriately selected according to the load current of the electrical equipment. The general principle is: electrical equipment that works for a long time can choose a wire with 60% of the actual carrying capacity; electrical equipment that works for a short time can choose a wire between 60% and 100% of the actual carrying capacity. At the same time, the voltage drop in the circuit and the heating of the conductor should also be considered, so as not to affect the electrical performance of the electrical equipment and the allowable temperature of the super-multi-wire. In order to ensure a certain mechanical strength, the cross-sectional area of the low-voltage conductor is generally not less than 0.5mm².

Selection of wire temperature resistance class

According to the working environment temperature of automotive electronic wiring harness wires, select automotive wires with different temperature resistance levels. For example, the working temperature of the AVSS wire in the Japanese standard wire is 80 ℃, and the working temperature of the AEX wire is 120℃. The wire of the passenger compartment can meet the requirements by using a wire with a temperature resistance of 80 ℃.

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