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How to Better Protect the Automotive Wiring Harness?

Jun. 06, 2024

Automotive wiring harnesses are located throughout the car, just like the human blood vessels, playing a role in the transmission of information and energy transmission. In the process of running the car will produce vibration and other parts have friction, relatively sharp parts will cause a certain degree of wear and tear on the wiring harness, and over time will affect the operation of the car. For such a critical part of the need to use more sophisticated protection measures, so how to protect the normal and stable functioning of the wiring harness is the automotive wiring harness processing plant needs to face together.

The protection of the automotive wiring harness requires the following considerations, one is the protection of the wire contacts in the harness, and the second is the protection of the hole type terminals in the harness. The following New East Asia Electronic will explain how to better protect the automotive wiring harness.

Wire contact protection in the wiring harness

Automotive wiring harness between the wire and the wire connection point is called harness joints, joints commonly exist in the instrumentation harness, car sound harness, cabin harness and air conditioning harness, through the joints can realize the signal transmission between the switch and multiple appliances, because effective measures must be taken. After the connection of the general contact point wire core copper wire exposed, it is easy to be oxidized, and multiple contacts are wrapped in the harness at the same time easy to cause contacts and contacts between the UMC, causing a short circuit in the car wiring, which can cause serious burn phenomenon. So the wiring harness contact must be protected with good insulating properties of the material.

 Automotive Wiring Harness

Application in the different working environment of its contact wrap material is also different, PVC tape is generally used in the environment of the less affected harness joints, such as instrumentation harness, roof harness, body harness, 4 door harness, air conditioning harness and another indoor harness will use such materials to wrap the joints. Like the front cabin harness and engine, harness joints are generally wrapped with a double layer of heat-shrinkable tube, waterproof, high temperature, wear-resistant role, but the cost is a little higher than the cost of tape.

Hole terminal protection in the wiring harness

Hole-type terminals are generally used for latching function because the latching point is generally fixed in the body frame or engine housing, long exposure to air, it is easy to be corroded or oxidized. Automotive wiring harness processing plant in the most commonly used protection materials are generally selected single-layer heat-shrinkable tube or double-layer heat-shrinkable tube. General indoor wiring harness in the hole-type terminals using a single-layer heat-shrinkable tube, the front cabin wiring harness, engine wiring harness, battery wiring harness, ABS on the car, ECU hole-type terminals generally use a double-layer heat-shrinkable tube to protect.

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