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Automotive Wiring Harnesses Doesn't Have To Be Hard

May. 13, 2021

1. What's an Automotive Electrical Wiring Harness

Automotive wiring harness is an electrical assembly of various components in a vehicle that transmits power and information to a single system. It plays an important role in transmitting information about the operation of the vehicle, sending & receiving sensor signals, and supplying power.

The automobile wiring harness is the main body of the automobile circuit, and there is no automobile circuit without the wiring harness.

2.The role of wiring harness in the car

The only purpose of the wiring harness is to ensure effective and better use of the available space in the car.

 It also helps to improve the performance of the vehicle without taking up too much space. The wire harness also helps protect the power cord and other types of wires needed to make the vehicle run smoothly.

The wiring harness that connects the electrical and electronic components of the car and makes it function is the role of the "nerves and blood vessels" in the car.

The wiring harness is composed of the wires that make up the circuit. It must ensure the transmission of electrical signals,It is also necessary to ensure the reliability of the connection circuit, supply the specified current value to the electrical and electronic components, prevent electromagnetic interference to the surrounding circuits, and eliminate electrical short circuits.

3.How to install automotive wiring harnesses has also become a technical difficulty that engineers pay attention to.

Next, briefly talk about the precautions for installing automotive wiring harnesses.

(1)The car wiring harness should not be pulled too tightly, especially at corners.

When bypassing sharp angles or passing through metal holes, use rubber or casing to protect, otherwise it is easy to wear the wiring harness and cause short circuit, grounding, and burn the entire vehicle wiring harness, causing the danger of fire.

(2)The wire harness should be fixed with a circlip or trip nail to prevent it from being loose and worn.

(3)When car wiring harnesses are connected to electrical appliances, they should be connected to the electrical appliances according to the specifications of the connector and the color of the wire or the color of the sleeve at the joint. If it is not easy to distinguish the head and tail of the wire, it can be distinguished by a test lamp. law.

 4.Automotive electrical wiring harness plays a very important role in the car.As a professional manufacturer of automotive wiring harnesses,Please contact us if you need it:E-mail : echo@neaee.cn sales@neaee.cn

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