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The Benefits of Custom Cable Assemblies

Sep. 11, 2021

Is a standard off-the-shelf cable not enough for your needs? When you're dealing with complex applications and standard cables don't seem to be enough, custom cable assemblies may be the way to go. Of course, standard cables may work in many situations, but custom cables offer their own set of advantages that off-the-shelf cables simply cannot provide. Let's discuss what you should know about the benefits and applications of custom cable assemblies.


Benefits of Custom cable assemblies


Custom cables are manufactured to the specifications in the design. This allows them to be applied with extreme accuracy to suit the detailed tolerance levels of the assembly.

Cable Assemblies

 Cable Assemblies     


The exact number of cables can be customized to suit the application. There is no waste and no excess cable is left after assembly is complete. The exact number of conductors, sizes, and strands can be optimized during the design of the assembly.



The length of each cable can be manufactured exactly to the requirements of the project. This makes for a clean set-up and eliminates the need to hide additional cables and wires.



Custom cables can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on making standard cables that meet the requirements of the application. Simply ordering custom cables removes obstacles such as cable lengths, connector ends, cable resistance, faulty cables, and mismatched specifications.

Cable Aassemblies

Cable Assemblies     

Higher performance

Because custom cables undergo a rigorous manufacturing process and are extensively tested, they are likely to offer higher performance than their standard, bulk, or store-ordered counterparts. Due to their longer service life, custom cables can save money in the long run.


Applications for custom cable assemblies

Medical industry for Cable Assemblies 

Healthcare facilities and hospitals have very detailed requirements for cables and cabling. Conditions such as high temperatures or large amounts of moisture used to sterilize medical devices can cause cables to deteriorate and break down at a much faster rate. The healthcare industry, therefore, requires customized cables that can withstand this repeated exposure day in and day out.

Cable Assemblies

 Cable Assemblies     

Automotive for Cable Assemblies 

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries requiring extensive use of cable assembly services. The correct cable assembly from the instrument panel to the engine is vital to the efficient working of any vehicle.


Electronics for Cable Assemblies 

There are many other aspects to electronics besides look and style. Behind the user interface, there are many bespoke cables at work to ensure that the product functions well and provides its intended function, yet is compact and user-friendly.


Telecommunications for Cable Assemblies 

Custom cables are made for the digital age and for broadcasting using fiber optic technology. Whether we are using smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, or any device that requires a network, these cables help to transmit data quickly. For cable technicians, custom fiber optic cables are perfect for critical networking needs when standard patch cables just won't do the job.


Where to Buy Custom Cable Assemblies?

As custom cable assembly specifications vary by industry and application, trusted custom cable suppliers can provide off-the-shelf custom cables in common cable types and lengths for high-demand applications. For detailed specifications that meet your unique needs, you can design your own custom cables by selecting your cable type, cable brand, connector type, and more to get the best cable for your application.


At New East Asia, we specialize in providing custom cable assemblies to meet the specifications and needs of any component. Our cables have passed performance quality tests. If you are ready for an initial design, or even if you need help with cable assembly design, we can help. If you are looking for custom cables wholesale that can be delivered quickly and easily at a competitive price - let's talk! Let us help you find the best custom cable assembly for your project. When you contact us, please provide your detailed requirements. That will help us give you a valid quotation.    

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