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Basic Classification of Wiring Harness(Part 1)

Sep. 18, 2020

The wire harness is one of the products with the fastest development in the electronic and information age industry, the largest market demand, and the most convenient installation, ranging from popular household appliances to communication equipment, computers, and external equipment, as well as security, solar energy, airplanes, automobiles wire harnesses are widely used in military equipment and military equipment. Statistics show that in 2018, China’s wire harness production reached about 128 billion sets. In the next few years, benefiting from the pulling effect of the downstream field, the market size of China’s wire harness industry will continue to increase, especially in China Driven by various policies and markets such as the launch of 5G, home appliances, automobiles to the countryside, and industrial informatization, and market demand will continue to rise, there will be better developed in the future.

Wire Harness

Automobile Wire Harness

The automobile wire harness is the main body of the automobile circuit network, also known as low voltage cable. Conventional automobile wire harness products have heat resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, etc.; at the same time, it is flexible, used for automobile internal connection, and can adapt to high mechanical strength and high-temperature environment. In addition, with the development of intelligence, a car is no longer a row of sofas on top of an engine. The car is not only a means of transportation but also a complex computer with functions of office and entertainment to connect everything. , Automotive wiring harnesses have higher requirements for the electrical performance of the wires, more quantity requirements, and quality must meet the zero defect requirements of TS16949.

Medical Wire Harness

As the name implies, the wiring harness is used in medical equipment and medical equipment matching wiring harness products. The wires are all high-quality wires that have passed UL, VDE, CCC, JIS and other certification standards. The commonly used wire-to-board connectors for medical connectors, D -Sub connector, pin header, aviation plug, etc. The system certification is generally based on 13485 medical certifications. Most materials also need to have sterilization requirements, so if you are going to step into this industry, new entrepreneurs must understand the medical wiring harness The BCC Research survey report pointed out that the annual growth rate of the global home medical equipment market continues to increase, and medical electronics will become a new growth point for connector applications.

Industrial Wire Harness

Mainly refers to some electronic wires, multi-core wires, flat wires, etc. with components in the cabinet, which are mostly used in industrial UPS, PLC, CP, inverter, monitoring, air conditioning, wind energy, and other cabinets. At present, the wiring harness with the most employees One, there are many subdivided products (sensor & industrial control system; network communication, temperature control, and air conditioning, air conditioning system, LED and lighting, rail transit, ship, and ocean engineering, renewable new energy, measuring and testing equipment, packaging, and logistics transmission), which covers the most types and does not have too many requirements for certification and scale.

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