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4 Wire Harness Maintenance Tips from the Manufacturer

Jun. 06, 2024

A few simple tips for installing, handling, and wire harnesses can extend the life of wires, ensure optimal performance and facilitate installation and maintenance. Damaged wires, on the other hand, can shorten the life of a connection and can seriously affect the function of the associated circuitry. The following are some tips from professional wire harness manufacturers on how to maintain wire harnesses.

1. Prevent damage

Birdcage can be prevented, for example, by twisting the insulation at the end of the wire at the same rate and in the same direction as the manufacturer's twist. This twisting makes it easier to solder into the terminal or cup.


2. Properly dressing the harness

If you get your wires from a wire harness manufacturer, you may find that they are already well dressed. If not, then you will need to make your own dressing. The dressing makes the wires going in and out of the harness neat and attractive. Strain relief on all terminated ends of the harness makes installation and maintenance easier, while proper routing and shielding ensure that signals reach their intended destination without crosstalk and interference.

Wiring Harnesses

 Wiring Harnesses


3. Be careful when unbuckling the harness

If you have access to the harness manufacturer's manual, you should be able to see the proper way to disconnect the wire from the harness. The minimum bend radius of the conductor and the required strain relief must be observed during the break. Make sure that the location of the termination and breakpoint allow for gradual bending to the termination. You must never overbend the wire. 


4. Strain relief wire at all terminals

In addition to being important when disconnecting the wire harness, strain relief also helps to terminate the wire. For example, if the electrical cabinet is removable, strain relief on the connector will provide this mobility without damage. This also applies when the temperature changes. Wires typically expand and contract in warm/hot and cold weather, respectively. You need strain relief to accommodate this flexibility. Strain relief can be easily achieved by adding maintenance loops before the termination point. Or, ask your wire harness manufacturer for assistance.

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